1.The shape is novel, unique and interesting. It has 21 holes with additional bubble volume. When it is immersed in bubble water, hundreds of colorful bubbles will fly out with each click, which is enough to satisfy children’s preferences and attract children’s attention. Take your child to start this colorful and happy moment.
2.Made of high-quality and safe plastic material, smooth and burr-free, the curved handle design perfectly fits the child’s hand, the grip is more comfortable and not easy to fall, and the overflow-free design is very safe for children and pets, and children can safely carry bubbles Machine, enjoy the fun of chasing bubbles
3.Our new electric bubble machine uses 3 AA batteries (batteries not included), which is easy to install and use. Pour bubble water into the small dish, immerse bubble machine in bubble water, then take it out and press the switch, a lot of bubbles will fly out of bubble machine. This seemingly simple operation can bring unlimited fun to children and add a different color to their childhood. (Products include empty bubble water bottles, small plates)
4.The unique appearance design of the electric bubble machine has a large bubble volume. This is a gift for children aged 3-8. It is a must-have toy for boys and girls in summer outdoor activities.
5.In the coming summer, bring a new bubble machine, which is the happiness that children desire most.”


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